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Join Judy is a lifestyle blog that focuses on providing content to home-school families and families that seek information on how to improve their education at home. It also includes topics on travel, organization, sewing, homeschooling, child training, and more. Judy Schoonover, the founder of Join Judy, started the non-profit organization to raise funds to further her outreach to the children in Uganda, Africa. The website is still in development but has been integrating products developed by families in Uganda and sold in the United States to support low-income families in Uganda, Africa. Her business model includes SEO for her website/blog and Social Media Marketing for her Facebook page where she sales various products.


                Bushido Martial Arts is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company that has been in businesses for over 25-years but has only generated enough income to support the cost of doing businesses with low percentages of net-profit. The website was originally built by Ian Schoonover in 2010 on HTML coding without and SEO integration. It ranked at the bottom of page one on SERP (Search Engines) such as Google and Yahoo.

                WebnFlo took the entire site and re-branded the businesses to build a higher quality website that could support lead generation through landing pages, social media marketing, and most importantly SEO by building content relevant to martial arts training answering questions asked by consumers interested in joining an MMA gym.

                Since its build in February 2018 the business has moved from the bottom of Google to number 9 on the search index of page one and number 9 in the google “pill pack.”  This is before any major content has been added and only through best SEO practices that were before absent.


              Trailer Transplant |  A simple blog built for a gentlemen who survived a heart-transplant and has dedicated the remainder of his life to building a tiny-house on wheels using a 17-foot cargo trailer. After losing his wife in 2004, Bob Crowell wanted to travel around the United States in a simple and affordable fashion. The primary goal of his blog will be to provide insight on transforming a cargo trailer into a tiny house, which is a new step in the tiny-house industry. The SEO on his site will help allow consumers to find content that relates to building a tiny house and also creating a following for his journey and his story as he passes it on to those interested in listening.


               JCUSTOMLANDS | Josh Schoonover, the older brother of Caleb Schoonover (owner of WebnFlo), started his landscape over a decade ago. He has used his skills in the landscape industry to provide a multitude of services ranging from landscape renovation to deck, patios, and porch builds to provide the residents of Dallas Fort Worth with an oasis in their backyards.

                The website underwent a re-build to help generate leads and provide a place for referrals for potential clients. The goal of the website is to build content to help drive traffic and create organic leads moving away from the reliance on third-party lead generation companies such as ​Home Advisor and​ Porch.


               Liesl Claire Photography | Liesl is a young talented photographer that has built on her love of photographer for over a decade.  Traveling the world and building her trade skills she settled in Texas and began building her full business time in 2017.  She has built a wonderful website with an easy to follow navigation.

                WebnFlo took over SEO operations in November of 2017 optimizing her page from top to bottom and helping to build her brand on social media through Facebook and Instagram. Her leads are currently entirely organic, other than the fee she pays to WebnFlo to manage her SEO. She had a goal of 30 total new clients for 2018. This goal was accomplished in less than 60-days from the start of 2018, and she is now moving into almost 150% booking of her original goal. WebnFlo continues to monitor her competitors and builds her content so that it is easily accessible by consumers searching for a Wedding Photographer.

                Future goals include running Facebook Ad Campaigns to allow her to travel to places such as Cape Cod, Massachusetts and book clients along the way, expanding her overall reach as a photographer.


              Laurel And Praire |  The second photography client based out of Chicago. Working with Sarah to create a photography blog and rank her content on SERP to allow her to move from her Nursing job to a full-time photographer by January 2019.

                The primary focus of services offered to Sarah includes researching competitor content and providing insight on to topics that Sarah can write about and have optimized on her blog. We are primarily focusing on local rankings so she can book clients in the greater Chicago area. Eventually, she would like to be a traveling photographer.


           Thomas Sewell Athletics |     Thomas runs a personal training company. He has built his business off of referrals while continue to work full time as a personal trainer for various gyms through Houston, Texas.

                Thomas service is unique as he provides custom tailored training and nutrition programs with 24/7 support to his clients without needing to meet them in the gym. He provides resources to help with instruction on technique and workouts while maintaining the ability to be mobile.  WebnFlo built his site in March 2018 and will begin creating his blog in April 2018. His goal is to work 100% for himself as a personal trainer and move away from his reliance on brick and mortar gym locations to find clients.


                RafadaiART | Raf Gomes is an artist. His website was built by WebnFlo and is being developed to showcase his art online. Within the next 90-days, we will be integrating an e-commerce platform to allow him to sale his art online. He currently works as a full-time cardiovascular technician for Johnson and Johnson.