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Keyword research serves multiple purposes. First and foremost it should serve to boost your page content onto SERPs and help[...]

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Welcome! the primary goal of this website is to provide its readers and followers with FREE content relevant to internet marketing best practices to help aid businesses and entrepreneurs in their endeavors to be seen and heard online via Free DIY Internet Marketing solutions.  Topics are focused on SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising, and occasional tid-bids of goodies I come across during my search.

About me:

Dabbling in the digital world from a young age, I gained a specific interest in how to develop additional growth for small businesses through internet marketing using the various tools and resources available. My aim has been to find internet marketing resources that do not require large budgets and will help small business achieve their goals. From basic website development all the way to developing funnels and e-mail lists I have compiled the knowledge I gained so that it can be tailored to almost any category of business. 

From private sector jobs all the way to the Department of Defense I have used the internet and its vast amount of resources to help improve personal, professional, and business processes. My objective was through those improvements I would create one of four things. Reduced costs, increased efficiency, increased quality and increased physical safety.

Many of those processes are still used today or started a culture of change within the department or business that the process was developed for, allowing for continued improvement.

I first began my business as a small business consultant, helping businesses get organized while utilizing cost-effective resources at their disposal. After finishing my degree in Business Management and Marketing I decided that I wanted to learn everything I could about internet marketing and how to make it a successful solution for small businesses I worked with.

In my continual drive for information, it dawned on me that I have spent years gaining access to free resources that have allowed me to improve my own business and personal life. Since 2016 I began offering internet marketing consulting services to small businesses and I am starting in 2018 to write a FREE DIY INTERNET MARKETING BLOG about those experiences and the various solutions that I created in order to improve the revenues of those businesses through internet marketing.

All my content provided within the FREE DIY Internet Marketing blog is free, you can join my mailing list to receive updates when content has been released or throw a like on my Facebook page.

As I build this blog please submit any questions you have about a topic or problem your business is having and I will be happy to help you find you a solution.

If you do not see a topic that you are interested in learning more about or even a subtopic, please submit a comment.